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Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning offers commercial and residential indoor air quality and water restoration services for air ducts and water pipes respectively. As part of our company’s commitment to service excellence, we at Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning do our best to ensure that we share some of the most relevant information with our ever increasing customers. We want to assist you to decide which service will bear the greatest benefits for your home or business in Pearland, TX. Some of the commonly asked questions and their answers are included below, though we are happy to respond to any other questions that you may have.

What does air duct cleaning entail?

Air duct cleaning is the process of removing any build-up of dust or any other particles within the air duct. Over time, these pathways collect dust, mold, and carcinogens. If such issues go undetected, it may result in the blockage of the air duct in addition to health concerns, especially when dirty air gets breathe in. Air duct cleaning is the processes of removing dust build up in the air duct system using vacuums, blowers, and brushes. 

How Many times in a year should air duct be cleaned?

Typically, we at Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning suggest that your air ducts should be cleaned twice every year. If you are a homeowner, some of the things that may compel you to clean your air duct include after home remodeling and renovations, having pets that shed high amounts of dander and hair, smokers in the household, and prior to occupancy of a new home. If you are an owner of a business entity or running a large organization, your air ducts need to be cleaned twice a year. This is due to the huge amount of human traffic that you receive in your office.

What is the importance of using professional air duct cleaners?

By going ahead and cleaning your commercial or residential ductwork, you are removing accumulated dust and debris such as rodent droppings and cobwebs, which eases the flow of air and the efficiency of your air duct. But that’s not all! Cleaning your air duct will go a long way into providing less dust and cleaner air throughout your home or commercial property to provide a relief from signs and symptoms that are related to the quality of poor air.

What is the importance of using professional air duct cleaners?

Air duct cleaning costs are not constant. They vary depending on the type of building and air ducts that are available. If you have a large building or home that needs air duct cleaning, then the costs might be slightly higher. Additionally, if you have many air ducts in your home or business premises, the costs will be slightly higher as opposed to having few air ducts.

Is it true that air duct cleaning reduces the energy bills?

According to research, cleaning your air ducts will significantly lower your bills as your systems will now be running smoothly and consuming less power. Clean and efficient systems are less likely to encounter a breakdown and will generally have a longer lifespan not forgetting that it will operate more effectively than dirty systems.

Why should I choose Nonstop Air Duct cleaning specialist over other companies?

Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning staff  do adhere by a code of ethics that they have signed stating that they will do everything possible to ensure that they protect the consumer and the Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning Standard, for cleaning to the best of their ability. By choosing us to clean your air ducts, you are putting yourself in good hands as we will leave your air duct spotless once the job is done.

What is the normal average price range for air duct cleaning services?

Duct cleaning services costs do vary depending on the type of air duct and the company handling the cleaning. Typically though, air duct cleaning services costs range from $450 to $1,000. Consumers are however warned to be aware of “blow-and-go” air duct cleaning firms who often charge a nominal fee and end up doing a poor job.

What other services do you offer besides air duct cleaning?

Besides air duct cleaning, we mainly take part in water restoration services, especially after the aftermath of floods or any other human or natural disaster that might have tampered with the water supply system. While we have a lot of services to offer, air duct cleaning and water restoration services remain two of our core duties. In the aftermath of an event that leads to the damage of water pipes, you can always rely on Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning technicians to get things back into normal and have your taps running again as usual.

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