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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Pearland TX

Dryer Vent Cleaning


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With the development of dust and debris in your dryer lines, your dryer’s effectiveness is decreased, requiring longer drying periods for your clothes.

This could likewise imply that you’re spending more of your income on the drying of your laundry. Even more, worse, this blockage could turn into a fire tragedy, as build up in the dryer vent is an exceedingly combustible substance.

Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning is the leading company in Pearland, TX and the surrounding towns in professional air duct cleaning services. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals ensures that your dryer is clean within the shortest time period.

In case you’re noticing that it is taking more time for your clothes to dry, then it is at that point that you may need to call Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning to provide you with professional dryer cleaning services. Regular maintenance of your dryer vent will ensure that the equipment has a longer life span. Here at Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning, we offer additional services for fixing and replacing dryer vent parts to ensure that your dryer vent works effectively and extend the life span of the machine.

Here are some of the tips that may guide and help you in knowing if your dryer vent needs to be cleaned up:

  • High energy bills- The dryer vent will start taking a longer duration to dry the clothes and as a result, the electricity fees will be increased.
  • Overheating of the dryer vent- During drying of the clothes, the dryer vent will regularly overheat which may be even risky to the operator.
  • Experience mold development and growth- clothes will not be dried properly and at times water may be left in the dryer vent and because of the moist conditions molds may develop.
  • The possibility of fire tragedy- if all the above conditions are not observed and corrected, the worst case scenario would be the development of fire at your home.

Benefits of regular dryer vent cleanings can include:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Fire prevention
  • Reduced drying times
  • Increase the efficiency of the dryer vent and lifespan
  • Reduced maintenance calls
  • Peace of mind
  • Reduce the wear and tear of clothes as a result of the dryer vent overheating.

The process of dryer vent cleaning

Yearly dryer vent cleaning is more important than it was before, this due to the way we are building our homes today. Newly built homes tend to place their dryer somewhere away from the outside wall, in regions like washrooms, kitchens and corridor storerooms. While helpful to the property owner, these new areas imply that the dryers will, in general, be vented for longer distance and may need a longer pipe and more curves to accommodate the new paths. As a result, it becomes harder to access the dryer vent and due to its long pipe, it creates space for lint, rodents, and birds to hide.

  • Our skilled and experienced expert will visit your home to check the extent of the clogging.
  • Our professionals come up with the best solution to ensure that your dryer vent is clean.
  • The dryer vent hose is disconnected from the dryer for ease of cleaning.
  • The dryer is cleaned thoroughly using air powder equipment.
  • The professionals use a flexible air rod to insert into the dryer hose to remove the lint from the walls of the pipe.
  • With the use of our modern vacuum, we remove all the lint from the dryer pipe.
  • All tools and equipment’s used during the cleanup are reassembled.
  • The dryer vent is turned on to observe how it is working

Why choose us?

  • Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning has the most modern and effective dryer vent cleaning equipment in the whole of Pearland, TX.
  • We are comprised of a team of well experienced and skilled professionals in the field of dryer vent cleaning.
  • We have a quick response time, to ensure that you receive the service when you need it.
  • Here at Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning, we have a money guarantee policy if the services we offer do not please you.
  • Our team of expert are all insured and therefore in case of injury or breakage then you do not have to worry.

Therefore if you are in need of dryer vent cleaning services around Pearland, TX gives us a call.

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