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Crawl Space


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Has your crawl space turned into a piece of the home you would prefer even not to take a look at? Numerous homes have moldy and damp covered crawl spaces that have poor failing insulations and numerous structural problems. At Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning, we spend significant time in changing these areas through crawl space fixing and crawl space encapsulation.

In the event that you’ve noticed a musty odor or mold development, sinking floors over your crawl space, or you’re worried about crawl space flooding, our specialist at Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning are here to help. Therefore if you are around Pearland, TX and you need your crawl space restored, We are the right person for the job.

What causes a crawl space to affect the health and energy of the home?

The crawl space is no longer of any concern for some homeowners; however, they can really affect your home in a huge way. Here are some few key areas to focus on.

  • Crawl space ventilation: A vented crawl space enables cold air to enter in the winter and moist air to enter in the late spring. This air will influence your home’s temperature and make your HVAC system to work more, mainly if your ducts are in the crawl space, which will increase your energy bills due to the cooling and heating systems.
  • Water issues: Outside air in the crawl space can lead to condensation, which leads to excess dampness in the crawl space. A crawl space can likewise be influenced by water spilling in through the walls or a dirt floor. Dampness in the crawl space will lead to pests, foul odor, mold development, and numerous structural damages.
  • Structural Damages: The crawl space is always filled with numerous materials that give a rearing ground for mold development. In any case, you notice bouncing and sagging floors above your crawl space it may be a result of structural damage.

Crawl Space Cleaning

At Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning our expertly prepared crawl space cleaning team can resolve even the hardest condition. Here are only a couple of the essential crawl space repair services we can perform at your home or business.

  • Remove all rotten wood, debris and dead rodents from the crawl space.
  • Clean all the structural beams damaged by the water and severe moist conditions.
  • Remove and replace all the leaking vapor in the crawl space.
  • Remove all the developing molds in the crawl space.
  • Seal all the air penetration holes.
  • Remove all the insulation in the crawl space.
  • Install new insulation in the crawl space.
  • Conduct vapor barrier insulations
  • Seal the entire air duct in the crawl space.
  • Spray the area with odor neutralizer to remove the bad odor and prevent potential infestation

Why Call Us for Crawl Space Cleaning?

We are the crawl space cleaning stars! We are regarded to offer the best crawl space cleaning, insulation and repair services in the whole of Pearland, TX and its environs.

In addition to the fact that we exercise outrageous services in the cleanup, insulation, and repair of the crawl space, but we also ensure the crawl space is well cleaned using the most energy efficient and sustainable materials available in the market.

We apply a high level of professionalism and dedication to all the services we provide, regardless of whether we are giving crawl space cleaning and encapsulation, duct sealing and repair, attic cleaning and many more services. Therefore give Nonstop Air duct Cleaning a call for all the problem related to crawl space cleaning, encapsulation, insulation, mold removal and insulation in Pearland, TX and its environs.

Here are some of the reasons why people call us around Pearland, TX.

  • A commitment to the use of environmentally friendly products
  • Consistent focus on leading our industry in professionalism and customer service
  • Superior workmanship
  • Our use of advanced technology to achieve energy efficiency goals
  • The expertly-trained crew in the most effective services techniques
  • Affordable pricing

Cleaning a crawl space can be a tiresome and dangerous procedure. Subsequently, the best choice is to contact Nonstop Air Duct Cleaning crawl space professional that convey the necessary tools and equipment to repair the crawl space into its original farm within the shortest time possible.

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